We are looking to feature ALL types of family imagery from a diverse group of photographers + subjects. We don't care about labels like 'light + airy' 'fine art' or 'dark + moody.' We don't care if its film or digital, editorial or documentary, a family of 4 or 17.

Photographers of color and from marginalized communities
are especially encouraged to submit.

We are especially interested in imagery that features subjects of varying abilities, skin colors, body shapes and sizes, and family compositions.

As photographers ourselves we also know how time consuming it can be to submit images for feature - get ready for the EASIEST submission process of your life, m'love. ;)


submit your work


We want to see imagery that is visionary + inspires others to
tell a story of family life that's deeper than pretty. 


These articles highlight a specific photography project.

Whether it's an ongoing project that documents your children's multicultural heritage through the exploration of color, or a series of double exposures that represent your son's twin who passed away, or a set of images exploring breastfeeding in public, we love to see what makes photography meaningful for you as an artist and inspire fellow image makers to use their craft to grow, create social change, and have fun.

To submit, please include the title and a short description of your project. 

These articles are designed to educate other family photographers and provide them with actionable takeaways. Examples from past issues include tips for photographing in low light, when a client is late, and how to photograph remote sessions. 

To submit, just include a short description of the topic, ideally with the most surprising tip you plan to include, if relevant. No need to write the article ahead of time.


This is the most common type of feature, and the easiest to submit.

Simply provide a gallery portfolio of your best images (30 photos max) across all your sessions. No need to provide any additional explanation! 

If there is a particular photo session that stands out, you may submit it along with a short description of what makes it significant, but we much prefer portfolio submissions. 



  • We prefer a link to a downloadable portfolio of 30 max of your best images across all sessions via pic-time or another gallery provider.

  • If submitting a personal project or article that is associated with one session, please submit a downloadable gallery link to that session with 30 images max.

  • You are welcome to submit imagery alone with no accompanying words :)

  • *PLEASE ENABLE HI-RES DOWNLOADS IN YOUR GALLERY and disable all passwords.*

  • Please be aware that images may be downloaded internally for review before acceptance decisions are made.

  • You may submit multiple submissions (for example, a portfolio and a quick tips article), but please limit the number of submissions to 3.

  • We are unable to respond to every submission. if you haven't heard back in 14 business days of submissions closing, please assume it is a pass on the images you submitted and please do submit again for another issue.

  • Exclusivity is not required,  but please include any relevant links to other publications your submitted images have appeared. If submitting images from a workshop or styled shoot, please ensure you have permission from the lead photographer and note which workshop/photographer in your submission.

to make the submission process as simple as possible for you--

submission guidelines

SPRING 2024 Submissions are closed

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Spring 2024 submissions are now closed.

Stay tuned for Heartful's Spring Issue, which is releasing in March.

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