HEARTFUL is a free digital magazine for family photographers that highlights images with soul. by photographers interested in telling honest stories that are deeper than pretty.
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First 2 issues out now; spring issue drops march 14, 2024

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meet the editor

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Brooke Schultz is a family photographer + educator who is passionate about mentoring family photographers into their own individual signature photography styles + making the deep work of parenthood deeply seen.  Step into the visionary you're meant to be, + show the internet-world what's possible to create in a family photo.

The cool stuff is her work has been featured in Oprah, Martha Stewart, Parents, Rangefinder, Adorama, and more, but what she really cares about is photographers being absolutely LIT up by their own imagery + leaving a legacy for the photographers and mothers who will come after us.

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Family photography has traditionally been the lowest wrung on the photography ladder. Not as cool as wedding, fashion, or commercial photography, family photographers have been relegated to little more than button pushers serving the masses.

This reflects the patriarchal structure that runs on the unpaid, unseen labor  of parents - especially mothers. Society cannot value what it cannot see.
We rage against this machine by witnessing + spotlighting the holy work of parenthood and family life through art. 

it's time to elevate
family photography.

next issue drops march 14, 2024

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